An innovative, cutting-edge alternative to traditional gum grafting.

Periodontal disease, aging, and abrasion are all factors that can lead to receeding gums.  Gingival (gum) recession occurs when the root surface of the tooth becomes exposed, leaving it sensitive and vulnerable.  Healthy gums are a critical part of a healthy mouth that will last a lifetime.  

Historically, gum recession was treated by replacing the lack soft tissue with donor tissue from a harvest site such as the roof of the mouth (palate).  The tissue graft was then sutured into place to join with existing tissue and grow into place.  

Today, minimally invasive treatment options such as the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (gum rejuvenation) is available to our patients at Whitten Dentistry.  The Pinhole technique utilizes a small opening in which special instruments are placed to gently loosen the existing gum tissue and reposition it.   There are no grafts and no sutures necessary.  Benefits of Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation over traditional grafting include less discomfort, faster recovery and natural, long-lasting results.

Ask our team if Pin hole Gum Rejuvenation at Whitten Dentistry is right for you. 

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